NOTE [1 Sept 2004]: The Oumu Foundation is now focused on supporting the mission of StudentPlanet, a public charity that shares similar goals to our own. The Oumu Foundation will no longer be sponsoring exchanges directly, but we are open to facilitating your school's participation in a StudentPlanet exchange. Please contact us at for further information.

Oumu image The Oumu Foundation mission is to encourage and develop mutual understanding between students in China and the United States. The Foundation believes that by using the Internet to share video sketches created by students about their lives, families, environment, school, and community, an engaging and thoughtful exchange can develop between individuals in China and in the United States.

Oumu image I think that in the years ahead it is very likely that the most important bilateral relationship in the world will be between the U.S. and China. — Former President Jimmy Carter at the Oksenberg Lecture, May 2002.

Oumu image ... every child in America should be able to attend ... a school that engages in an ongoing education partnership with a school in Asia through technology links and exchange programs. — The National Commission on Asia in the Schools, June 2001.

Oumu image Beginning in 2002, the Oumu Foundation has donated equipment and training to schools in China and the United States to fulfill the foundation's mission. To date, seven schools and over 500 students have participated in the exchanges. In addition to the video sketches, students are communicating with digital photo albums and via e-mail.

For questions, more information, or to see how your school might participate in an exchange, contact